• Want to help those living with PTSD?

    The VA's National Center for PTSD and Overlap teamed up to create Aware -- a mobile health study designed to help understand the relationship between mood and PTSD.


    Who can join?


    • That's 18 years of age or older
    • That lives in the United States
    • Who's comfortable enough with the English language to provide informed consent
    • Who owns a smartphone (Android or iOS) 


  • How Aware Works?

    It's pretty simple.


    Download the Aware App


    Check Eligibility

    Age 18 or older? Live in the United States? Feel comfortable with the English language to provide consent? If so, you're eligible to join.





    Provide Consent

    Review the consent. If it sounds reasonable, tap the Agree button, and you're in!


    Use Aware for 28 days

    Day 1 has a few extra questions, but after that, each will only take a few minutes of your time.